Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Covert Act of God

        Nature's disasters
God's Covert act to control
     The errant Humans

Thursday, 10 November 2011

She is a Puzzle

Demure look on face
Your eyes a bottomless sea;
You are mystery

For Haiku Heights


Myriad stars shine
Billion miles of vast space
Everlasting mystery

For Haiku-heights

Friday, 14 October 2011

In continuation of my earlier post on SU-DO-KU I am writing this one on Magic Squares. It is said that the Great Genius in Mathematics, Sreenivasa Ramanujam began his exploits with Magic Squares and went on to become the greatest Mathematician from India to be compared with the likes of Newton, Archimedes etc. Let us delve into it and see what it holds for us.
Magic Squares of Odd Numbers
Magic Squares can be made either for Odd number of Squares or for Even number of Squares. First let us study the Odd Number squares. For Eg: let us construct a Magic Square of 5 x 5. We will be making amazing arrangement of numbers in a way that they all add up to same total either upon each row or each column or the diagonals.The squares can be of odd number like 3,5,7,9 et all. The method creating these squares are fairly simple and follows a pattern. They can be summarised as follows: 
  1. Begin at the Top row middle square always.
  2. When at the top, drop down to the bottom row in next column.
  3. Where vacant keep ascending the diagonal to the right.
  4. When blocked at the side, go to upper row extreme left column.
  5. when blocked while ascending the diagonal. drop down to immediate lower square.
That is all folks! Keep filling those numbers following these rules and you will be amazed how easy it is to fill even the squares of 11,13,15 etc .

Magic Squares of Even Numbers
The construction of even number Magic Squares is more exciting. We can make squares of 4,8,12 etc and for now let us make 4x4 model. To begin you start from left to right and filling the numbers in natural order from 1 to 16 BUT only in the DIAGONALS. See Pic A. Then start filling again from 15 to 1 from Left to Right in the vacant squares to complete the Puzzle. Wasn't it easy! Have fun. I used to give this Puzzle to my children for creating an interest and familiarity with numbers in them. It worked and they are comfortable with Mathematics! Well even in old age this can provide the much needed exercise to the brain to keep it in shape, no kidding. it is true!

In continuation of my earlier post on SU-DO-KU I am writing this one on Magic Squares. It is said that the Great Genius in Mathematics, Sreenivasa Ramanujam began his exploits with Magic Squares and went on to become the greatest Mathematician from India to be compared with the likes of Newton, Archimedes etc. Let us delve into it and see what it holds for us.

SU-DO-KU Challenge - Preamble

When I first came across this puzzle 2 years ago I casually started solving them and slowly it began to attract me more and more with challenges to solve higher difficulty level puzzles. The solution does not require any technical expertise or any mathematical knowledge. With concentration. Logic and some quick reflexes one can solve almost all the puzzles unless of course the Author deliberately gives lesser numbers than required to make it more challenging etc. Now let us get on with the Game:

The Game


Have a look at the picture above. You can see an empty Grid with 81 squares and a Solved Sample SU-DO-KU. The Author of the puzzle fills certain squares of the grid himself and you have to complete filling the rest of the empty squares adhering to some rules of the Game. The rules are as follows:
  1. Each Row should contain 1 to 9 with no repeats
  2. Each column should contain 1 to 9 with no repeats
  3. There are 9 Mini Squares within the Main Square with 3 Rows&3 Colums each. They should get filled up with numbers 1 to 9 with no repeats.
Looks simple right! The challenge is the third requirement of mini squares. Ready, Go!

Our Puzzle

For starters let us take an easy one. See the Puzzle on the left. We have to solve this. You can see some squares are filled already. To identify them they are in RED. I am sure it looks difficult and has more than 1 choice for each square. Relax, let us use our logic and the facts we know. Sice no rows or columns can have duplicate numbers let us look for common numbers in rows or colums. Number 6 appears in top 2 rows and 8th row column 5. Now the top middle mini square (Row 1,2,3 Col 4,5,6) cannot have 6 in the first row, second row or 5th col in 3rd row because these rows and column already have 6 in them which leaves only 3rd row 6th column for 6.("A") Presto you got 1.
Do a similar exercise with columns 4,5,6 for number 5 and you will get row 5,col 5 as the place for number 5.("B") Another trick is take rows 4,5,6 and check for 1. 5th row col 2 has 1 so you cannot have 1 in the cols 1 and 3 above. Similarly there is 1 in Row 6,col 8 and hence you cannot have 1 in col 7,8,9 of Row 4. So 1 can fit in Row 4,Col 4 only.("C")
Just by checking for missing numbers in a Row or column with available numbers you can find the numbers you need. If you are too tired to complete or just curious see the completed Puzzle below.


For the Die-Hard SU-DO-KU fans  plenty of puzzles, with solutions (lol!), are available at online  websites. To see them clik HERE. We shall look at "Magic Squares" in my next article. See you Guys!!

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

My All-time favourites

1. Gandhi - English Version
Even as a school boy I was deeply attracted towards the Great Mahatma and read a lot about him. I was impressed by his unique brand of fight against the Mighty British, his enchanting charisma and his witty remarks. When the movie Gandhi, with Ben Kingsley doing the lead, was released I was very eager to watch the movie. The role of Gandhi was played so well by Ben Kingsley and his striking resemblance to the Mahatma added more fervor. The scene when Gandhi tells Om Puri to adopt a child, especially a Muslim one, and raise him as a Muslim takes the Cake!

2. Step Mom
Julia Roberts has always been my favourite actress for a long time. Her performances in "Erin Brokovic" and "Pretty Woman" were of very high standard and fetched her the coveted Oscar! In Step Mom she did the role of a professional photographer in love with a divorcee with two children and the stress of endearing herself to the kids. She carried the burden with aplomb and I still remember the scene in which she tells the mother of the kids, Susan Sarandon, about her fears that the girl might still be thinking about her mother on her wedding day to which Susan replies that she is afraid that she may not be thinking that way! An emotional and sentimental scene not usually seen in an English Movie.

3. Erin Brokovic
Playing the role of a mundane activist would deter the strongest of actors from accepting the role. Not Julia Roberts. She not only accepts the challenge but goes on to win an Oscar for her role in that movie.It was made as close to the original events as possible that it had the credibility and ready acceptance of the viewers. Alfred Finney as the Lawyer who employs Julia was brilliant too in his role. His humour and affection for her was beautifully picturised throughout. One scene, towards the end, when he goes to her office to handover her cheque for handling the case, was the icing on the cake. He remarks after surprising her with a generous bonus amount. "Do they teach the Beauty Queens how to apologise?, because you suck at it!". A movie I wouldn't mind seeing again.

Written for Reel-life Bloggers contest Wogma

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Falling in Love!
Adolescence plays such an important role in the life of a person that it could make a difference between a well planned life and a frustrated one. The ability of the person to handle this delicate period decides how successful he / she will be in the adult life. This period relates to the span of time between the time of Puberty and the Maturity. With the changes that take place in the body and the brain due to hormonal effects can really influence a person’s behaviour. Examples of such behaviour can be that of youngsters who get infatuated with their favourite Film Hero / Heroine and keep carrying their pictures with stars in their eyes! They are too immature to know the difference between “Infatuation” and “Love”. The momentary crush due to physical attraction is often misinterpreted as Love.
The Role of Parent
The parents have a very important role to play in this regard. When their children attain puberty and are in their adolescence, it is vital for them to discuss about sex, relationships etc with the children in a free and frank manner. This would provide the much needed opportunity for the children to open up with their doubts and feelings without any inhibition. Unless your child feels free to discus with you about anything that is bothering him / her you are failing in your duty of creating the much needed trust.

A parent has to explain detail about the feeling of Love, what it entails and how it builds mutual bond of friendship, affection and respect. They should be advised about letting it mature into a deep bond of relationship before resorting to any physical form of committing to each other. They have to be counseled on the need for compatibility on many things besides just emotion, like education, financial stability, social and economical issues etc. Hasty decisions based on perceived Love often result in unsatisfactory marriages and lead to separation eventually.
Practical Situation
I know of a friend whose daughter fell in love with a boy and wanted to marry him. When she told her parents about the same the parents were taken aback. The girl had just completed her graduation and was looking for a job and she had met this boy at the “Employment Registration” office. The parents acted in a very structured manner. They called her for a detailed discussion. They asked her whether she knows all the details about him and if he is in a position to support her and maintain an independent Family. She said that he was an Engineering Graduate looking for a job and has passed with distinction. His parents are school teachers. They asked her to invite the boy to their house for Tea. When the Boy came home they were happy to see a well mannered, handsome young man . The boy spoke of his ambitions to become a scientist in Rocket Propulsion and help the country in exploring the space. He also said that he loved the girl very much and would like to get engaged to her for eventual marriage to be done after he settles into a permanent Job of his dreams. He had also spoken to his own parents about his decision and they were keen to meet the girl’s family. Hearing this, the girl’s parents knew that the boy is very matured and well balanced man and a suitable match for their child. This is the way an adolescent should approach this issue, in my opinion.

Friday, 30 September 2011

Promised Land

Miles to Go!

Miles and miles of road
Have I crossed along for sure
Searching promised Land

6 Year old on Vertical Challenge - Dallas

Fear is no big deal
If you set your heart to win
Her vertical climb

For Haiku-Heights

Wednesday, 28 September 2011


Savage Tsunami ?
Be in Rhythm with nature
Learn the Eco way

For Haiku-Heights

I Love Paris

Beaux lacs et jolis jardins
La tour eiffel puissante
Paris je vous aime

J'adore écrire en français
Translation ...
nice lakes and pretty gardens
The mighty Eiffel Tower
Paris I love you

I love writing in French!


No one can resist
The charm of Eiffel Tower
Heart throb of Europe


At times she is coy
There is no end to her charms
My little daughter

For Haiku-Heights

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Gentle maneuvers
Captivating sequences
Ballet has great poise

For Haiku-Heights

Saturday, 24 September 2011


Image coutesy: Link

Legendary Bird
After perishing on pyre
Sure to rise again

For Haiku-Heights


Picture Courtesy:Pixdaus.Uploaded by Kev
Living with nature
Mesmerising look in  eyes
Spots add to beauty

For Haiku-Heights

Thursday, 22 September 2011


Softly spoken lies
Causing pains however small
Acts of Betrayal 

For One Single Impression 


Gentle dreams were lost
Victim of blatant abuse
Help that little child


Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Nature Therapy

Water the pristine
Form of food that god gave us
Drink more stay healthy


Get Transparency
Free your soul from desires
Water finds level

For Haiku-Heights


Worth its weight in gold
A god given Elixir
Poor man's porridge

For Haiku-Heights


You may miss Bulls Eye
In defeat lies defiance
Keep trying and win

For Haiku-Heights


Astute common sense
With well earned experience
Gets you the bulls eye

For Haiku-Heights

Monday, 19 September 2011


Don't restrain  thought
Let it raise like the bubbles
To higher levels

For Haiku-Heights


Life is full of fun
When you learn to smile often
Feather in your Cap

For Haiku-Heights


Get matured with age
Gone are fun days you are old
Be humble than bold

For Haiku-Heights

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Nature's Poetry

   Resplendent Rainbow
Stunning portrait of twilight
          God's Poetry 
      Painting his art work
Watching acts of wanton hate
       Changes scene a Bit
    Rain or shine can be
     Pretty as you desire
    Save forests from fire

For Haiku-Heights

Thursday, 15 September 2011


    Stuck to me like sin
Insipid looking notebook
   Does all my errands

For One single impression


Lend your hand to help
Unmindful of the returns
Make heart chime with soul

For Haiku-Heights


Belligerent kids get warned
On every wrongful move
Overtly sending the signal
Get your act together
Else face the monster
Your choice to choose
Make up your mind
Always learn to obey
Never see the boogeyman

For Acrostic only


Met strange people
Eager to impress
Longing for fame
Aspiring for stardom
Never reaching there
Crashing down meekly
Haste making waste
Overwhelmed in melancholy
Learn to Excel
Yearning not enough

For Acrostic only

Naughty Poet

I am a poet's dream
No matter you may scream
Pry as you wish
Urge as you fish
The words are out of stream

For Acrostic Only (Poet's Choice)


Carefully done
Organised work
Methodical approach
Erudite skill

Unique effort
Planned well

Triumphs always
Regardless of
Upheavels in
Market place
Peer pressure
Stays conquerred

For Acrostic only


Be always in mind
You may now go far  away
Enshrined in my heart

For Acrostic only

Wednesday, 14 September 2011


Hurtful acts of violence
Against men or women
Sadly done in haste
Takes in its toll
Estranged kids of families

For Acrostic only


Stock markets are known for their thrills
Trades go on  with a few making kills
Overall it is a pain
Could give a little gain
Knowing to play it with some skills

For Acrostic only

Has been

Had the world
At my doors
Singing my praise

But my pride
Etched in brain
Erased my fame
None to blame
For Acrostic only

Mighty Falls
Picture Perfect



Tuesday, 13 September 2011

In these days of severe competition in every sport it is virtually impossible to predict the outcome of any sport, even by seasoned critics. However the pattern of seedings in US Open Tennis 2011, Top Four, was picture perfect!

Novak Djokovic having a Dream Run!

It is true that every sport, nowadays, is getting very competitive thanks to the advancement in training techniques, sports facilities and the staggering sums of "winnings" on offer for the players. Tennis,especially, is one of the richest sport, perhaps next to soccer or golf. The top 10 players are so talented that there is very little you can choose between any two of them. On a given day anyone of them can win the title. With Players like Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Andy Murray, Roddick, Djokovic one can never predict how the game would go.
The USTA appears to have fathomed this daunting task of "discerning selection" by ranking these Tennis Legends (Top Four) to such a degree of perfection that it matched the results to a "Tee". Look at the seedings and scores of the Semi-Final and Final and decide for yourself.
And the US Open Champion 2011 is Seed (1) ! You can't ask for more. Well done USTA!

Monday, 12 September 2011


Rid your hearts of Hate
Give your soul the liberty
Of remaining free

For Haiku-Heights

Sunday, 11 September 2011

While it is hard to get a proper employment befitting your qualification and experience, it is equally difficult for an employer to retain an existing employee from quitting his job. Proper understanding of the employees' needs and installing adequate systems and procedure for prompt identification and resolution of issues affecting the employee is a must. Here is my take on this matter.

Productive Employee - An Invaluable asset

It is a nightmare for any employer to see his employees leave. The enormous amount of time and effort spent on their recruitment apart, the task of grooming another to succeed is a daunting task. The experience and skill of an employee builds over time and there is no way for a quick fix to this issue. Hence the employers would do well to remember these tips for the retention of their employees:

1. No square pegs in round holes

Make sure they are deployed in areas which are directly relevant to their area of specialisation and they are happy to do their job. An unhappy employee quits at the first opportunity.

2. Provide the necessary aids and tools

It is the duty of the employer to ensure that his employees are provided the necessary equipment / device for the performance of his duties. An ill equipped employee tires quickly and his work flow deteriorates. This also makes him detest his working condition and he begins to plan for shifting.

3. Create room for Incentives & Awards

Any one would like a pat on the back for a good job done over and above his call of duty. An employer should recognise such special contribution made by the employee above his call of duty by either offering a Reward or a share of profits gained out of his contribution.This is the magic wand which makes an employee feel that he is a part of the organisation and a dedicated employee.I once wrote a Haiku about "Appreciation" which stresses this point

A pat on the back
Makes even John a Hercules
Encourage and see

4. Redress Grievances and provide counseling

In any organisation, there are bound to be instances when an employee feels that he is treated unfairly and seeks to redress. Dealing the issue with an iron fist, ignoring his complaints, will totally demoralise him and the organisation will lose his loyalty. There should be well written rules / regulations clearly published for Grievance resolutions and a specific authority should be constituted for dealing with such important issues.

5. Informal meetings with Staff

I have personally used this tool for interacting with my staff and it worked wonders for me. In an organisation there will always be some small mismatch or disconnect in the allocation of functions or the method of handling a service. Informal meetings, say once a month, with the employees will help them to point out such small irritants and pave the way for speedy resolution of problems before they develop into bigger issues later.
Well the list is endless. An employer employee relationship is no different from that of a husband and wife. They both call for a mutual trust and understanding for a long lasting relationship.

Friday, 9 September 2011

Magic Looks

   My heart skipped a beat
when your magic looks hit me
      Swept my blues away

For Haiku-Heights

Tuesday, 6 September 2011


    Play of light in sky
Twilight Hypnotic Magic
   Lulls you in its spell

For Haiku-Heights


  Soft and silky touch
Gentle sound of lullaby
   kiss baby to sleep

For Haiku-Heights

Monday, 5 September 2011

Pristine Beauty

Breath of cool fresh air
   Rejuvenating Flora
Unscathed by the weeds

For One single impression

Sunday, 4 September 2011


    soft petals of Rose
Glistening in Morning sun
 Raise above the weeds

For One Single Impression

Human Weeds

Insidious rogues
Prey on innocent children
Heartless human weeds

For One Single impression

Monday, 29 August 2011

You know it is really funny that we attempt to be verbose, deliberately, because we are scared of Brevity!
Take a look at these examples and decide for yourself :

  • V - The tortuous,  unnecessary words and long winded speech of the Professor lacked a concise content
  • B - Professor lacked Brevity
  • V - Despite the  pretty face, gentle manners and sweet voice of yours I think I am not in love with you.
  • B - Despite your charms I don't love you.
  • V - John have you looked at your self  lately in the mirror?
  • B - John you are Ugly.
  • V - My Sweet Heart I have fallen so deep in love with you I do not know what to do.
  • B - I am raving Mad
  • V - Hey, you know I wore the bracelet you gave me for my last year's birthday to my Aunt's wedding reception.
  • B - Dude, Tomorrow is my Birthday.
  • V - Dad, will it hurt if you eat lot of Ice Creams in winter
  • B - My Stomach pains.
  • V - Dad, is it too bad if you fail to clear your class test with at least a 'B'
  • B - I got a 'C'
  • V - You know something! your mom used to cook so well when she was here last summer That I gained 10 lbs in 3 months.
  • B - You are a lousy cook.
Folks it is in Lighter Vein, Have a Laugh it is good for the Heart.

The Magic Grain

Tiny bits of grain
Could well make a difference
Between life and death

Gifted are those who
Know not how to stay hungry
Or face misery

Share what you have got
With the not so fortunate
Try to whet your soul

The magic of grain
Is sure to appease the pain
Albeit just small

Make a vow tonight
Shall first feed every night
Just before I eat


Image Courtesy: Link
Hard day's labour pain
Forgotten with gifted grain
Wheat whet appetite

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Breathe - Love

Swept away by Love
You are floating with the clouds
Don't forget to breathe

For Haiku-Heights

Rain and roaring waves
Left traces of  deadly tale
Breathe, Irene has left

For Haiku-Heights

Breathe - Nature

Tread with tender care
While you hurt those forest life
Lest you breathe foul Air

For Haiku-Heights

Thursday, 25 August 2011

When I close my eyes
I can see your charming face
When I breathe the Air
I can feel your gentle Care
Caressing my labored heart

For The Purple TreeHouse and Gooseberry Garden

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Gentle touch of  hand
Lilting tunes of your voice
Is my lullaby
Drowning all my grief
In your sea of love for me
Always your Baby
First glimpse of the world
Was your face with pride and smile
Clasping my small thumb

For Haiku-Heights     and Gooseberry Garden

Friday, 19 August 2011


I drift with the clouds
Floating with stupendous Joy
For, I breathe your Love

For Haiku-Heights

Tuesday, 16 August 2011


Roaring mighty waves
Caressing the land ashore
Sings its lullaby

For Haiku-Heights


Gentle touch of  Air
Bearing the chill of winter
Feels like her  Whisper

For Haiku-Heights

Monday, 15 August 2011


Petals of flower
Bathed in the dew of moist air
Yes the spring whispers!

Join the fun!

Monday, 8 August 2011


Little Jhonny the Limerick Poet
And he  looks a little  like a midget
He can write like a breeze
Words he can squeeze
God! he is as fast as a Gadget

Sunday, 7 August 2011

I am Dee, the ugly, little Puppet
Oh God, Am I Good, to look at
I can make you, all Happy
Though I  look, Little  sloppy
Be sure, to find me, at the Market

For Acrosticonly


Blissful Disposition
Astonishing Manoeuvres
Lithe Movements
Lingering Spells
Enchanting grace
Truly Surreal

For Acrosticonly


Pardon! I know not what to do
Oh God it is sad and very true
Un Real it may Sound
Nagging like a Hound
Dear me! It's a bolt out of Blue

For Acrosticonly


Soaring High
Utterly Adorable
Protecting Innocent
Enormous Power
Radiant Demeanor
Mesmerizing Skills
Amicable Person
Never Fails

For Acrosticonly


Routine Stuff
Utterly Boring
Nothing Special

Often Seen
Fair Grade

Traded Quality
Hardly Impressive
Easily Made

Mediocre Appeal
In Line
Large Numbers
Listed Product

For Acrosticonly


Bubbly Game
Attracting Kids
Daring Answer

Egging On
Gameful Pursuit
Good Fun

For Acrosticonly



For Acrosticonly

Sunday, 17 July 2011


In these days of Multi-Crore scams, phishing, credit card frauds etc one would shudder to think of losing their Wallet, especially when it is containing three of your priced credit cards, expensive cell phone with all the private addresses and good amount of cash. Well if wishes were horses even fools would fly, right. Imagine yourself going on a Family Vacation with the entire Family including 2 kids, load of baggage and 4 flights to change. Yes we went to Florida, Disney World, in June from Texas for a week of fun at Disney Land. While we enjoyed the visit so much we were little prepared for the incident that took place on the last day of our visit at Animal Kingdom. After watching a film in the Auditorium we left the place and when we reached the Bus Terminal, we realised that we had lost our wallet with credit cards, money and cell phone. Despite a dash to the place and searching it thoroughly again and again we could not find the wallet. We approached the Lost and Found office at the gate and lodged a formal complaint with very little hope of getting it back because 3 credit cards, money and a pricey cell phone is too good a haul to douse any tinge of honesty in a finder's mind! We totally forgot the incident and were getting back to our chores in Texas. A week after we returned we received a manila cover containing the Wallet, with all the contents intact and a sweet little note from the Lost & Found office wishing us all the best and enquiring about how we liked the visit. We were overwhelmed by their courtesy and the exemplary act of Honesty shown by the faceless finder of our Wallet.

Friday, 17 June 2011


For Acrosticonly


Tearing down the landscape
Smashing everything in view
Utter disregard for life
Notorious scourge from sea
Arduous challenge for survivors
Mindless destruction and havoc
Insidious evil lurking quietly
For Acrosticonly


It has become the favourite subject of everyone nowadays to talk about and voice their "Expert" opinion on the subject! It is like a virus and has its presence almost everywhere in this vast universe. The interesting thing about this despicable disease is the fact that both the exploiter and the victim are equally responsible for its existence. Those who speak so much against it are the ones who would not mind resorting to it in their day-to-day activities for getting some of their jobs done either expeditiously or economically. Many of us indulge in it just because we donot have the patience to wait for the normal processing time or fear of delay from a greedy official. If every one of us decide not to resort to this pernicious evil, come what may, the chances are that this poison ivy may begin to wither slowly. There is an old Adage in Tamil, which runs as follows:

திருடராய் பார்த்து திருந்தாவிட்டால் திருட்டை ஒழிக்க முடியாது!

Which means that "Unless the Thieves choose to reform themselves and become noble, no Law can eradicate thieving". We should learn to stick to our principles and stand firm against any form of extortion and fight this demon. Just making speeches or cursing will be of no avail in dealing with this monster. Take a vow today that atleast you will not be a party to propagate this evil and abide by it.

Monday, 4 April 2011

After the triumph against Australia in the Quarter-Final and against Pakistan in the Semi-Final everyone was eagerly looking forward to the FINAL. Somehow I was feeling very disappointed with the way our team played in both the matches. The bowling was lacking the bite and the fielding was at best mediocre. We could win thanks to our long tail and the mistakes of the opposition. MicroSoft (just an Adjective!) Dhoni was looking clueless while wielding his willow and was far from the MSD we knew. Fortunately the great thing that I admire in MSD is his total awareness of everything that is going on around him, including his pathetic personal batting performance and his ability to address the weaknesses with total confidence besides the uncanny skill of changing the bowlers and field placements.
When the indomitable Zaheer Khan lost a bit of his bite when he conceded those extra runs in the dying moments of Sri Lankan innings and the total stood at 274 everyone must have really felt butterflies in the stomach. No team has ever chased a total as high as 274 and won in any world cup final before. I am not sure if MSD was also nursing a fear because even if he did he was not showing it. His expression was a "dead pan" as ever.
More was to come when we started our innings. When the illustrious Shewag perished in the first over for a duck  and the Legend followed him with just 18 runs our hearts fell and one could almost hear the Heart Beats of the Indian supporters at wankhede stadium. Any other Captain would have felt safe to send an "in-form" batsman and pray GOD that he delivers! Not our MSD. He forgets the poor form displayed by him, the run of low scores in the previous innings etc and decides to hold the match by the scruff and pull it away from the SriLankans inch by inch with sheer determination, controlled aggression and an ice cold mind while egging on Gauti,Virat and Yuvi to perform. It was an excellent example of "Leading from the Front" and it silenced all the critics who were breying for his blood if India were to lose. He was concentration personified! Never indulged in any indiscrete stroke. He hit his first six of the innings when India was almost there and then again to finish the Job! He is by far the BEST CAPTAIN that India could ever ask for. It will not be wrong to say that he conducted the entire journey, from the league stages to knockout level, with such exemplary manouvres that it looked easier than it really was. Yes, he is Made of Steel, Dhoni.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Slaughter the Opposition
Elude the Spin
Haunt the Bowlers
Wack the Bouncers
Anhilate Loose Ball
Go for Everything

Friday, 11 March 2011

Those who watched the match between England and Bangladesh on Friday were in for a treat! Boy! it was full of twists and turns and contained a few valuable lessons for our not so impressive cricket team. Determined to restrict England to a modest total, which Bangladesh direly needed to have any chance of remaining in the hunt, the bowlers and fielders of Bangladesh performed the task to perfection. At times the celebrated English team looked so helpless against the minnows that they were on the defensive. Sensing vulnerability, Bangladesh pressed home the advantage and restricted the English team to 225. Having achieved their primary objective, the minnows set about their further plan of action in such style and manner that the viewers witnessed a fabulous batting performance that created doubts as to who were the "minnows". Their inexperience did show up in the hasty attempts they made to keep the score board ticking resulting in some runouts and the tumble of 4 quick wickets. However it is the manner in which they came back into the game with the resilience, composure, determination and disciplined performance that provided a few lessons to every other team. Boy, did Shafiul Islam and Mahamudullah paint an exqisite picture on the World Cup Cricket canvas with such painstaking effort. Win or Lose, their triumph on the fateful Friday will remain etched on our memories for a very long time.

As I had mentioned earlier, the Indian team continues to languish in the bowling & fielding departments of the game as evidenced by the manner in which they struggled to record their win against minnows like Ireland, Netherlands and Bangladesh (If you dare to call them so!). Dhoni’s  continued persistence with Piyush Chawla instead of trying Ashwin is beginning to worry loyal Indian supporters. Even the mighty Tendulkar is finding it difficult to play a long innings, which is over due. The match against South Africa will be a lot more difficult than the previous matches and I hope MSD marshals his resources and men to put up a better show than the four earlier outings! Sachin and Shewag should bat with a lot of composure and stay long enough to ensure victory. Otherwise this may well be the Requiem for the “Burial of our World Cup Dreams”. Wishing our team all the very best for this crucial match.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

As predicted in my earlier post, given below, Dhoni needed to rev up the fielding department and some fine tuning of the Bowling skills prior to facing England. Alas, it was not done and the result was an excruciating "Tie" despite a very strong score of over 300. Tendulkar crafted his yet another beautiful TON on the International cricket canvas ably supported by the belingerent team mates Schewag and Yuvaraj. The complacent bowling and fielding lapses that followed enabled Strauss and Pieterson to hammer the bowling at will!. When it looked as if they were cruising towards victory at ease, Zaheer's exquisite magic of a spell hit the English juggernaut like a ton of bricks and made them struggle to save the game. Again when India's victory was almost certain, the unimaginative bowling of Munaf Patel failed to clinch the issue. He lacked the tenacity shown by his little colleague Piyush Chawla, who despite being hammered by the batsman kept his cool and clean bowled him with a beauty of a Leg Break!. I hope Dhoni corrects his approach and show the grit and determination of the erstwhile super leader that he was earlier and bring home the World Cup. Good Luck.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011


Basking in sun shine
Unmindful of the heat
Tiny tots running around
Teasing with butter cups
Enchanting sight to behold
Reaching out to everyone
Cups under the chin
Uttering shrill of joy
Pleased to see yellow
Shade on the butter
For Acrostic only


Jam packed was the big gathering
All the franchisees pondering
Magic sums were there for the grabs
Battle lines were drawn for the abs
Owais shah dada and lara were left
Ranting for just missing the boat
Ecstatic hitters got their cake
Ending the dream of Elders' take
For Acrostic only


Lend your helping hand
To protect and nurture earth
Sow the seeds of love
For Acrostic only


Afloat like in Dream
Barely conscious of things
Sulking and very forgetful
Eschew meeting any one
Never paying serious attention
Totally secluded and lazy

Meaningless babble ill suited
Inordinate delay for anything
Needless remorse self inflicted
Desperate to gain confidence
Eternal pessimist loathing strife
Dreary poor old soul
For Acrostic only


Peter,Tom and Annie
Looking for their nanny
Anxious for some fun
Yearning for her story

Daring tales of glory
Astounding acts of fairies
Tales of every kind
Each had its charm
Sure to her norm


Bond of true friendship
Always held in esteem
Charity even in poverty
Kindles love and affection

Boastful acts of vanity
Often leads to calamity
Nothing but the modesty
Eternal backbone of Humanity

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