Saturday, 28 April 2012

After the initial euphoria of the dare devil exploits of players like Gayle, Pollard, Rayudu, Sehwag, Peiterson, Usuf Pathan, Virat Kohli etc., which made the viewers sit glued to the TV during the first 4 versions and the current IPL 5, one begins to wonder where this takes the Game of Cricket per se ! A mighty heave or a swashbuckling reverse sweep may be pleasing to the eye once a while but repeated attempts to hit the ball without worrying about the nuances or the principles of stroke play, which makes the Game of Cricket a connoisseur's delight, makes the game a comedy of errors. The players tend to throw caution to winds in their attempts to score the maximum runs and it robs the game of its finesse! No doubt you see the Great Tendulkar not being able to do the heroics of the other players because he still adheres to some technique and style the game is known for. I am not saying the T-20 Version is a sham but only request that the players do not try to make it a wild game of chance. There is nothing wrong in trying to excel but make sure you do it in style. Happy Viewing!!

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