Monday, 18 January 2010


I was wondering about the ranking criteria of "Alexa" and "Google" and their demanding quality requirements. The following is the outcome!!

Aspiring for recognition
Lofty and quality
Extraordinary in content
Xerox copy forbidden
Alexa is pristine

Gearing for excellence
Out of the world
Overwhelmingly original
Grind till you perfect
Learn to innovate
Efforts are the trick!!
For Acrosticonly

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Our hearts go out to the people of Haiti on this devastation that occurred on Tuesday afternoon on an unprecedented scale killing thousands of lives. When I read the macabre news on Associated Press about bodies strewn on streets, children buried in school I could not control my emotions. Most of the prime structures reduced to rubble. According to international Red Cross a third of Haiti’s 9 Million people may need emergency aid. As the quake has damaged Hospitals and other medical centers it would be difficult to attend to people needing emergency medical attention, it is said.
Sitting miles away from the tragedy I can only pray God that it recovers from this enormous tragedy as soon as possible and contribute my mite for the relief efforts. How I wish that these kinds of Catastrophes do not happen at all

Saturday, 9 January 2010


Caring to alleviate
Overt sympathetic act
Manifestation of empathy
Passion to help
Available to reach
Selfless little act
Seldom seen more
Innate in some
Oblivious in many
Never late, learn
For Acrosticonly


Giant Ice Block
Latching on surface
Antarctic as Favorite
Colossal at Greenland
Ice sheet really
Ever at Poles
Real water source
For Acrosticonly

Friday, 8 January 2010


Long and winding has been my journey, all along
Couple of spills and thrills but chugging like a train
Interesting people did I meet who were to me like a treat
Fascinating variations both in fa├žade and the heart
Learn a lot, I did, made a few as my friends too
My Children and their children are gifts of God I cherish
Nothing but the Best in Life for them is all I wish
My love for Literature took a bit of life’s pressure
When I dangled in poetry unmindful of the symmetry!
Lots of events happy and sad alike before me unfold
Ride them all I did but none of them were in my hold
Trust in God was always my Mantra in Life
So far it has been a bit bumpy ride but safe
Now that I am aged I have all the time I want
To recap my achievements not that I care to flaunt
Or to look upon that inward eye with a bit of solitude
May be my heart would fill with pleasure and dance like daffodils
Daffodils is my all time favourite poem

Wednesday, 6 January 2010


Ever sad donkey
Eager to help
Yearning for happiness
Over any thing
Raves about tail
Entertaining little devil

For Acrosticonly

Sunday, 3 January 2010


Obstinate to start
Utter idiotic act
Totally unacceptable tact

Languishing in stupor
Inexplicable a feature
Kindling severe disgust
Earning no respect

At least avoid

Likely recurrence again
Instill some confidence
Gain little respect
Honour is supreme
Try and reform
For Acrosticonly


Ruing poverty
Emoting austerity
Aspiring immortality
Longing priority
Indulgent mediocrity
Teasing Rivalry
Yearning Reality!
For Acrosticonly


Totally aloof and
Uninterested in others
Rarely keen or
Noticing what happens

Anything is ignored

Bored stiff rigid
Lethargic and timid
Indifferent to surroundings
Nonchalant in attitude
Dude wake up!

Ever lying buried
Yearning for success
Ends in failure
For Acrosticonly


Nurtured ambitions
Ernest desires
Wishful thinking

Yearning betterment
Enticing wait
Alluring hopes
Ravenous celebration
For Acrosticonly

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