Sunday, 3 January 2010


Obstinate to start
Utter idiotic act
Totally unacceptable tact

Languishing in stupor
Inexplicable a feature
Kindling severe disgust
Earning no respect

At least avoid

Likely recurrence again
Instill some confidence
Gain little respect
Honour is supreme
Try and reform
For Acrosticonly


  1. Shri Krishna said...
    Full story in just few words,
    Interesting post....s
    Tulika said...
    Very True.
    Amias said...
    Out like a light, indeed!
    Madhu | said...
    Out like a light indeed ! Honour is supreme ; "but for honor what's life, what's death" said some noble soul.

    I am joining your site and would greatly appreciate your stopping by at INDImag :-). Like I said in my reply :

    RI or NRI, one thing true Indians cherish is the blessings of elders. Please do stop by often and let us know how we are doing. As a person who has seen way more life than us youngsters, you have the right to pat our back or bend our ear in equal measure. We appreciate your inputs and would be honored if you will consider us your virtual relative and stop by often

    We have a lot of things in common : Peter Drucker (I read his text books like novels ), Few Good Men and a IndiRank of 79 :-)
    Saras said...
    You know something, I did not know about the IndiRank79 upgrade till I saw your comment that first appeared in my yahoo mail. I then rushed to IndiBlogger to confirm like a kid!! I saw your site and was very impressed with the excellent content and the spirit. I shall continue to visit.Best Wishes.
    shraddha said...
    very nice one!

    awsome indirank...i started with a better than me!!

    you need to send me administrative rights..also a small 'description of your blog' for meta tags..
    Saras said...
    Shraddaji I seem to be on your heels always! First the Pagerank and now the IndiRank, Lol. I wish I had begun blogging trifle early! God Bless.
    Saras said...
    Thanks, I am glad you liked it.
    Amity said...
    Very good work Saras!

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