Sunday, 3 January 2010


Nurtured ambitions
Ernest desires
Wishful thinking

Yearning betterment
Enticing wait
Alluring hopes
Ravenous celebration
For Acrosticonly


  1. Shri Krishna said...
    True Meaning,
    You done a good research in finding this...
    Every word is true at least for me.
    Saras said...
    Dear Sri,
    Thank you very much. It is true for me too!
    Amias said...
    How very true .. said so much with so few words.
    Mads... said...
    how true..dat was rlly nicely penned..wish u a happy new yr..!!!
    Tulika said...
    Nice !

    Happy New Year. :)
    Missy said...
    very nicely said.
    vidya said...
    Enjoyed this:)
    Amity said...
    This is expressing New Year on a positive note Saras!

    very good take on the prompt! something to beat at AO huh!

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