Friday, 8 January 2010


Long and winding has been my journey, all along
Couple of spills and thrills but chugging like a train
Interesting people did I meet who were to me like a treat
Fascinating variations both in fa├žade and the heart
Learn a lot, I did, made a few as my friends too
My Children and their children are gifts of God I cherish
Nothing but the Best in Life for them is all I wish
My love for Literature took a bit of life’s pressure
When I dangled in poetry unmindful of the symmetry!
Lots of events happy and sad alike before me unfold
Ride them all I did but none of them were in my hold
Trust in God was always my Mantra in Life
So far it has been a bit bumpy ride but safe
Now that I am aged I have all the time I want
To recap my achievements not that I care to flaunt
Or to look upon that inward eye with a bit of solitude
May be my heart would fill with pleasure and dance like daffodils
Daffodils is my all time favourite poem


  1. Amity said...
    What a wonderful journey, amidst some bumpy roads along the way!
    Meow said...
    Interesting.. hmmmm :)
    Tulika said...

    Encompassed with sincerity.
    That's a journey worth a laud.

    Saras said...
    Thanks for visit and the comments.
    Nalini Hebbar said...
    for the journey yet to of luck and have fab time

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