Wednesday, 6 January 2010


Ever sad donkey
Eager to help
Yearning for happiness
Over any thing
Raves about tail
Entertaining little devil

For Acrosticonly


  1. Chandrika Shubham said...
    Interesting! Happy New Year.
    Best wishes.:)
    Shri Krishna said...
    Amity Me said...
    So this is all about that EEyore cartoon character?

    well-expressed Saras!
    Tulika said...
    Interesting !!! :)
    Dariov said...
    very nice post
    Saras said...
    Thanks for visiting and your comments.
    Saras said...
    Amias said...
    You are so right! You nailed his Eeyore's personality.
    Anonymous said...
    This is good. It's been awhile since I watched Pooh but you nailed it. Nice job.
    Missy said...
    I had to smile because I hear Eeyore's little voice saying I didn't think you'd notice hehehe. This is so wonderfully creative and captures the whole essense of Eeyore.
    vidya said...
    Good one:)
    The Write Girl said...
    This is a wonderful your Eeyore take. The last line is especially fun. Thanks for your visit : )

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