Wednesday, 13 January 2010


Our hearts go out to the people of Haiti on this devastation that occurred on Tuesday afternoon on an unprecedented scale killing thousands of lives. When I read the macabre news on Associated Press about bodies strewn on streets, children buried in school I could not control my emotions. Most of the prime structures reduced to rubble. According to international Red Cross a third of Haiti’s 9 Million people may need emergency aid. As the quake has damaged Hospitals and other medical centers it would be difficult to attend to people needing emergency medical attention, it is said.
Sitting miles away from the tragedy I can only pray God that it recovers from this enormous tragedy as soon as possible and contribute my mite for the relief efforts. How I wish that these kinds of Catastrophes do not happen at all


  1. Amity said...
    I was as frightened and devastated Saras...they really need our prayers and help!
    The Write Girl said...
    Beautiful and heartfelt...thank you for sharing your sentiments during this difficult time. God bless the people of Haiti.
    Anonymous said...
    very sad indeed!
    Anonymous said...
    My friend is adopting two children from Haiti and she hasn't gotten word if they're safe or not yet. :(
    Anonymous said...
    hello Saras sir, yes, it is indeed a sad thing that has happened in Haiti..
    Anonymous said...
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    umm, sir, it is an ok selection for the template i feel, but maybe if you found something a bit more appropriate to your blog name.. or simple and suitable in general, i think it'd be better... has a good selection, maybe you could try that. i used it b4 starting to make my own :)

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