Sunday, 11 September 2011

While it is hard to get a proper employment befitting your qualification and experience, it is equally difficult for an employer to retain an existing employee from quitting his job. Proper understanding of the employees' needs and installing adequate systems and procedure for prompt identification and resolution of issues affecting the employee is a must. Here is my take on this matter.

Productive Employee - An Invaluable asset

It is a nightmare for any employer to see his employees leave. The enormous amount of time and effort spent on their recruitment apart, the task of grooming another to succeed is a daunting task. The experience and skill of an employee builds over time and there is no way for a quick fix to this issue. Hence the employers would do well to remember these tips for the retention of their employees:

1. No square pegs in round holes

Make sure they are deployed in areas which are directly relevant to their area of specialisation and they are happy to do their job. An unhappy employee quits at the first opportunity.

2. Provide the necessary aids and tools

It is the duty of the employer to ensure that his employees are provided the necessary equipment / device for the performance of his duties. An ill equipped employee tires quickly and his work flow deteriorates. This also makes him detest his working condition and he begins to plan for shifting.

3. Create room for Incentives & Awards

Any one would like a pat on the back for a good job done over and above his call of duty. An employer should recognise such special contribution made by the employee above his call of duty by either offering a Reward or a share of profits gained out of his contribution.This is the magic wand which makes an employee feel that he is a part of the organisation and a dedicated employee.I once wrote a Haiku about "Appreciation" which stresses this point

A pat on the back
Makes even John a Hercules
Encourage and see

4. Redress Grievances and provide counseling

In any organisation, there are bound to be instances when an employee feels that he is treated unfairly and seeks to redress. Dealing the issue with an iron fist, ignoring his complaints, will totally demoralise him and the organisation will lose his loyalty. There should be well written rules / regulations clearly published for Grievance resolutions and a specific authority should be constituted for dealing with such important issues.

5. Informal meetings with Staff

I have personally used this tool for interacting with my staff and it worked wonders for me. In an organisation there will always be some small mismatch or disconnect in the allocation of functions or the method of handling a service. Informal meetings, say once a month, with the employees will help them to point out such small irritants and pave the way for speedy resolution of problems before they develop into bigger issues later.
Well the list is endless. An employer employee relationship is no different from that of a husband and wife. They both call for a mutual trust and understanding for a long lasting relationship.


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