Saturday, 24 September 2011


Picture Courtesy:Pixdaus.Uploaded by Kev
Living with nature
Mesmerising look in  eyes
Spots add to beauty

For Haiku-Heights


  1. Susie Clevenger said...
    I love deer...beautiful image and words...I have photographed them many times and there is a mesmerizing look in their eyes...
    Saras said...
    Yes,Indeed. Thanks Susie Clevenger.
    Nanka said...
    Lovely picture to compliment the words Sarasji!!
    Ron. said...
    Deer can be so placid & focused one instant, then accelerate away at light speed the next, a fleeting beauty.

    Great work.
    Anonymous said...
    A great Haiku.
    In this case spots definitely do add to beauty - in my teenage years they definitely did not!
    The Cello Strings said...
    how divine.

    deers in nature, very magical imagery.
    andy sewina said...
    Mesmerising look, is a good description!
    Morning said...
    delightful piece.
    Magical Mystical Teacher said...
    I know some people who don't like their freckles. I think they're lovely!

    Seed-Feathers and Wayside Pool
    siggiofmaine said...
    Wonderful the words, and the photo.
    ☮ Siggi in Downeast Maine

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