Thursday, 15 September 2011


Lend your hand to help
Unmindful of the returns
Make heart chime with soul

For Haiku-Heights


  1. Amity said...
    Very encouraging...a way to help waiting for the soul to chime in happiness with the extended help!

    Happy are those who lend a helping hand without wanting anything in return...:)

    Beautiful indeed,Saras!
    Nanka said...
    Nice thoughts are worded here and I can feel the tingling within the heart!!
    Magical Mystical Teacher said...
    That would be sweet music indeed!

    Chimes here and here and here
    Cassiopeia Rises said...
    Lovely thoughts. Wish all would do so. Nicely said.

    Mariya Koleva said...
    It is a great haiku! I love it, it is so musical and encouraging.
    sowmya said...
    short & sweet beautiful piece!

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