Tuesday, 6 September 2011


  Soft and silky touch
Gentle sound of lullaby
   kiss baby to sleep

For Haiku-Heights


  1. SweetTalkingGuy said...
    Kiss baby to sleep - I like that!!
    kaykuala said...
    Oh, the motherly instinct. How so moving! Great haiku!

    Heaven said...
    soft baby kissess ~ nice haiku ~
    Magical Mystical Teacher said...
    Kissing baby to sleep...the image is about to lull me to sleep as well! :-)

    Kisses here and here and here
    Anonymous said...
    love kissing babies ... especially for laughter and for sweet dreams!!!
    dsnake1 said...
    very sweet and tender. :)
    Leo said...
    You said it nicely, Sarasji! :)
    Saras said...
    Thank you.

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