Saturday, 17 September 2011

Nature's Poetry

   Resplendent Rainbow
Stunning portrait of twilight
          God's Poetry 
      Painting his art work
Watching acts of wanton hate
       Changes scene a Bit
    Rain or shine can be
     Pretty as you desire
    Save forests from fire

For Haiku-Heights


  1. Susie Clevenger said...
    Nature is full of your line God's in Texas we could use some rain
    Nanka said...
    A string of beautiful Haiku all strung together!! And His artistry seen everywhere!!
    Ramesh Sood said...
    Well written, Saras..
    Kalyan said...
    lovely words...beautifully crafted lines!
    Krrish said...
    Anonymous said...
    It's funny: I went for an environmental theme as well :)
    Saras said...
    I agree. Till last week it was so warm, 104Deg F here in Plano, TX that I could only visualise sitting inside our home! Thanks.
    Started writing the first one and it kept pulling on till the third! Thanks Nanka Ji.
    @Ramesh Sood
    Thank you Ji
    I am glad you liked it.Thank you.
    Nature is the best choice.
    dsnake1 said...
    in Nature's work, humans can never come close, we may only be capable of destroying it if we are not careful.

    a poem for us to think about. :)

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