Friday, 30 September 2011

Vertical Challenge

6 Year old on Vertical Challenge - Dallas

Fear is no big deal
If you set your heart to win
Her vertical climb

For Haiku-Heights


  1. knot2share said...
    The thought of the climb itself makes me dizzy Saraji!

    Just wanted to say Thank you for your support through the challenge.
    andy sewina said...
    Phew, I hope she doesn't fall!

    Happy last day!
    KParthasarathi said...
    Nice lines and a wonderful Haiku to show the continuous search
    Magical Mystical Teacher said...
    It's the setting-of-the-heart part that's a heart-stopper for many of us!

    This poet’s choice here and here
    Anonymous said...
    Very nice!!!

    Congrats on completing the month of Haiku!! It has been enjoyable reading ~~ Happy Friday, Happy Weekend, Happy October! :-)
    ShonEjai said...
    A small poem filled with lots of truth! Great work!
    Nanka said...
    I am vertically challenged Sarasji!! :D
    Ramesh Sood said...
    This is so beautiful.. Inspires Saras ji..Thanks for all the support and encouragement during the challenge..
    Saras said...
    It is my grand daughter doing the climb! She is fearless.
    @andy sewina
    She has a rope attached to her waist which will let her hang freely in case she slips! No problem.
    Thank you, Sir
    So very true. It takes courage to decide.
    @becca and ShonEjai
    Thanks a lot.
    There are people who can't even look through an Aircraft window! Lol
    @Ramesh Sood
    Somewhere you have mentioned that you started 'learning' to write haiku a litle while ago.To be honest I cannot believe it. You are a 'Pro' and I will cherish the Lines on "Ant" and "Elephant" which were in a class of their own!.

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