Monday, 29 August 2011


You know it is really funny that we attempt to be verbose, deliberately, because we are scared of Brevity!
Take a look at these examples and decide for yourself :

  • V - The tortuous,  unnecessary words and long winded speech of the Professor lacked a concise content
  • B - Professor lacked Brevity
  • V - Despite the  pretty face, gentle manners and sweet voice of yours I think I am not in love with you.
  • B - Despite your charms I don't love you.
  • V - John have you looked at your self  lately in the mirror?
  • B - John you are Ugly.
  • V - My Sweet Heart I have fallen so deep in love with you I do not know what to do.
  • B - I am raving Mad
  • V - Hey, you know I wore the bracelet you gave me for my last year's birthday to my Aunt's wedding reception.
  • B - Dude, Tomorrow is my Birthday.
  • V - Dad, will it hurt if you eat lot of Ice Creams in winter
  • B - My Stomach pains.
  • V - Dad, is it too bad if you fail to clear your class test with at least a 'B'
  • B - I got a 'C'
  • V - You know something! your mom used to cook so well when she was here last summer That I gained 10 lbs in 3 months.
  • B - You are a lousy cook.
Folks it is in Lighter Vein, Have a Laugh it is good for the Heart.


  1. Jessica Prescott said...
    Those are some pretty funny brevities, like little jokes.
    Someone is Special said...
    ha ha.. I love this Sir.. 'V', 'B' - rocking..

    Someone is Special
    Anonymous said...
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    Yash said...
    Absolutely hilarious, Sir! (I am saying this with absolute brevity, haan :D)
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    Saru Singhal said...
    Too good Sir and I would say brevity is the soul of wit!
    Tulika said...
    Hilarious (Brevity)
    Saras said...
    Once in a way a good laugh does a lot of help to your heart! I am glad you liked it.

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