Saturday, 20 March 2010


Never did they Lie
Explain they always  did
Great souls of wisdom
Languishing  in  lonely life
Eschewing their past moments
Caring for little kids
Trying to spend time
Eagerly needing the affection
Daring death  to  come

Enormous is their contribution
Lasting for everlasting time
Diligently carved for generations
Enshrined in their tales
Religiously shared with  children
Save them from neglect
For Acrosticonly


  1. Amity said...
    You pictured elders in a very positive way! Let us care for them so that our kids will also do the same way!

    Am almost there....:))
    Leo said...
    very good work... let us care for them indeed!
    lakshmi said...
    great one for the elders
    Saras said...
    @Amity, @Leo
    Thanks dear.
    Thanks. Glad you liked it. Hey you haven't seen the rest of my posts!There are many Acrostics.
    Nalini Hebbar said...
    That is one tradition that I like about us Indians...but the fast lifestyle has eroded it to a large extend...the fall of the joint family has hit this section of the family the most.
    rdl said...
    very good acrostic!
    lakshmi said...
    Hello Sarasji
    yes not seen before, but now am reading your acrostics....I really like the way you put words....One friend has been asking me to try it out....
    good day
    Amias said...
    How very true indeed! You put a universal touch to this issue Saras. It seems that even in old traditions, where Elders used to be highly respected, has fallen prey to this problem. As an elder, I see the truth of what you say in my daily life.
    shanthi said...
    Good with an excellent message
    Morning said...
    beautiful message in this one, well done.

    Jack Edwards Poetry said...
    Powerful poem, in a form I have not seen in a while.

    Here is my entry
    Anonymous said...
    really nice! my potluck..
    Anonymous said...
    Wonderful message, well done form!
    Ann LeFlore said...
    so wonderful the way you picture elders
    Anonymous said...
    Like your poem:)
    I wrote on in this format awhile back as well. well done on this one

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