Sunday, 7 March 2010

Use IndiBlogger forum

The Forum provided by IndiBlogger for the bloggers to showcase their products among the community through Indivine, assessment and ranking of the blogs scientifically through Indistats, providing a variety of subjects for discussion to educate budding bloggers are really unique and praise worthy. Renie Ravin and his dedicated young team of engineers are doing a great Job. Please make full use of this excellent facility and improve the overall rating of your Blog.

My Blog roll of Honour

Keep Blogging and have fun!


  1. Mohan said...
    It feels to be honored by having a mention in your blogroll! Great series of articles for budding bloggers. To add to what you have written, I shall soon write a post on optimizing and improving the performance of blogs.
    Renie said...
    Thanks for the mention Sir, glad you find IndiBlogger useful!
    chitra said...
    Thanks for the wonderful support.
    Shri Krishna said...
    Indiblogger is really an great service for indian bloggers.
    Nalini Hebbar said...
    Thanks have been a guiding light in my initial turbulent days in the rough blogging sea!

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