Friday, 12 March 2010

My Kind Of Humour

With the abounding influx of blogging, we are fortunate to get so much to read and enjoy on a variety of subjects. While the contributions on Technology, Literature, Poetry or other related subjects are doing wonderfully well it is the area of “Humour”, “Satire” etc that worries me a little. Humour, according to me, is a very sublime emotion that has the unique quality / power to entertain both the person who initiates it and the person to whom it is addressed. The result being a good laugh that is good for the Heart!, literally.

Unfortunately this art of making humorous posts / articles is quite a challenging task in that, very often one ends up by making a poor joke or making himself look ridiculous. This excellent tool of merriment was expertly handled by Authors like George Bernard Shaw, Robert Lynd etc who produced such wonderful works like “Pygmalion” and our own inimitable R K Narayan , whose stories like "Malgudi Days", "Financial Expert" etc were in a class of their own. I read somewhere that even Bernard Shaw had a taste of his own bullying nature once. He was walking on a narrow lane in the London suburbs when he saw a poor farmer coming towards him from the opposite direction. One of them had to get closer to the side wall to let the other pass. Bernard Shaw, not in his finest of moods, barked “I don’t give way to fools!”. The farmer politely stepped aside to let him pass saying, “I do Sir.” Well that is what I call a good repartee! Adroitness and cleverness in reply, not necessarily abusive or even sarcastic.

Do write about comical situations and funny episodes of people, no problem. Just ensure that everyone laughs. I know, it is the fashion nowadays, to make a dig at someone and make funny remarks about the mannerism or idiosyncrasy of that person. Well they are fine up to a stage. You may find that you start losing your popularity sooner or later, if you depended ONLY on this kind. Well, before I begin to sound like a social reformer , I want to end this post. This is not a criticism or complaint against the excellent Humorous Blogs. Just an appeal to excel and enjoy with everyone.


  1. chitra said...
    It is pleasure to read your blogs. There's a lot for the younger generation to learn from your writings. But only if they find enough time to sit and read blogs like yours.
    S.R.Ayyangar said...
    There is a very thin line between humour and satire and readers get mixed up.In my opinion, humour is for a hearty laugh but satire is a serious matter even though element of humour is integral part of satire writing.
    Saras said...
    I agree with you. Even in a satire, the effort shall be to drive home a message through humorous dig without offending anyone.
    Nalini Hebbar said...
    satire is conveys messages in a far more effective way...but satire should be subtle...not demeaning and's an art
    Andy Sewina said...
    Hiya, I like the bit about GBS and the Farmer! I'm leaving a little link to something that might interest you and your readers - Acrostic Competion
    Saras said...
    It is a pity I can't attract the younger generation to read my blog because I am not good at the Razzmatazz style.But I am happy that I do have a good number of youngsters who regularly read what I write and share their views too.
    Joshi Mukard said...
    The art of making a humorous post is a very challenging job, indeed. I'm a humor writer myself, and have often ended up making poor joke.

    Nice reading your post.
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