Friday, 12 March 2010


Another season of IPL is here again and there will be virtual feast for the die-hard fans of the participating teams. Whatever may be the Politics, controversies or issues regarding this mega event, one cannot deny the fact that this provides the pristine joy of competitive cricket from the world's best cricketers which the fans can savor without any inhibitions whatsoever!!

What is more, one team has opened their own website/fan club to entertain their fans and the fans would get hefty discounts on match tickets! Two teams have changed their Jersey colors to stunning styles and if you want to read all about this, go to this url:

Eager to see the Schedule of Fixtures! Go to url: and watch the matches for non-stop action!!


  1. chitra said...
    My hubby gets glued to TV when these matches start. I think these sites would be useful for him.
    Arti said...
    Watching the match and surfing the net..Nicely put article..

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