Tuesday, 23 March 2010


My days begin when the streaks of sunrays  reach the earth and with the enchanting smell of incense sticks lit by my wife in the pooja room.

Yesterday's memories start fleeting away welcoming the new hopes for today . My prayers for the health, wealth and prosperity of everyone, conclude with the traditional Aarathi.

Sitting in my balcony with my cup of tea and the inevitable morning news paper, I saw my wife who looked as if she had something to say. When I said, "yes, what is it dear" she began to tell that my Grand Daughter's birthday was a month away and wanted to know if I had decided on the gift for her.

Utterly taken by surprise I said, "No". We decided to get her a lovely dress, skirt and blouse, along with a gold chain.

Rushing with the daily chores during rest of the day I tried to recollect the days when my first child, my daughter, was born. She was such a beautiful tiny angel that we had called the entire neighbourhood for the anniversary. She had grown so fast, got married and now we are planning for the birth anniversary of her daughter. Time flies indeed.

Visiting them abroad every now and then, though heart warming, was getting to be difficult for the sheer exertion it entailed.

In spite of of the old age we continue with the fellowship meetings at the neighbourhood orphanage and do our little bit for the betterment of the needy children.

Vast resources and wealth owned by the people are of no avail if they cannot help to eradicate the poverty of that orphaned kid who wails for support.

Awed by the crowd that clamors for buying Gold and Diamond jewelery at the newly constructed "Mall" while the News Paper headlines were screaming at me about the increase in people below the poverty line. A real life Anachronism, perhaps. 

Lingering on everyday, we move along like a chugging train as I am aware of the norms of 'My Survival".


  1. lakshmi said...
    beautiful sure are your days
    Amias said...
    You took a precious moment that begins a day in the life of your family, and open the doors to a universal issue; helping the needy and down trodden, especially the children. Looking at the norms of my survival, I sometimes forget, from the outside looking in, for some who are less fortunate than I, my life is heaven. Thank you for the reminder ... ! Saras, you never ceases to amaze me with your depth.
    Saras said...
    Yes, I survive well!
    In our quest for happiness we forget how lucky we already are! A look at things around us helps to bring back some equanimity! Amias can I request you something. Please read my other posts as well (at your leisure,ofcourse)in addition to Acrostic Area and share your discerning views. I would be extremely grateful.
    Lazy Pineapple said...
    beautiful :) loved the way you have woven your blog post and ended it with a punch.
    Gyanban said...
    Survival is so much fun when you're done with responsibilities mostly...and means so different when you are in the middle of it.!

    nice post.
    S.R.Ayyangar said...
    Aptly said. Those who are tall should also look below lest they crush a smaller person !
    Soundarya said...
    Very well written. A deep message has been conveyed. We should never forget what god has offered us.
    LION GIRL said...
    How true. I try to remind myself to do the same but sometimes I will still miss it. No, I should not blame it on tight work schedule. No, I should not blame on time. It is just me. If I care enough, I would take more initiative to make it happen. Saras, there is so much to learn from you. Thanks!

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