Saturday, 20 March 2010


Clandestine research to develop
Harmful chemicals for destruction
Evil designs need condemnation
Mass annihilation of humanity
Irreparable damage to ecology
Culminating in arid earth
Across the globe famine
Loss of atmospheric protection

Withered plants and Lagoons
Atrophying in aimless destruction
Restitution to normalcy, mirage!
Fact , not any fiction
Awaits us as price
Ready to face reality?
Encourage efforts to prevent.
For Acrostic


  1. chitra said...
    Aap ka Jawab Nahin. I admire you.
    Miss Sunshine said...
    so true and so hurtful :(
    Amity said...
    You said it so well Saras!

    Keep up...everyone is sooooooo good at AO this time, except suffering from.........:)) Never mind!
    Leo said...
    so true..! :)
    nice wordings to a difficult topic..(atleast for me) :)
    lakshmi said...
    very true....
    Creativity!! said...
    Excellent Acros. I Read All Your Acros. Thanks A Lot For Your Kind Visit At My Blog!!!!

    Keep Penning. Beautiful Fabulous Blog With Effective Attractive Phrases Describing Very Well. With Each Acro There Is A Moral Message Hidden Behind The Acro.
    KParthasarathi said...
    First visit.A good acrostic.
    vidya said...
    Very nice wordings chosen. Makes us ponder - with all the chemicals being produced, where is it going to lead us? Wonderfully framed acro!
    Leo said...
    Saras sir, could u please make ur comment form "popup" instead of "embedded" it'd be really useful! :)
    Nalini Hebbar said...
    Very nicely composed...full of meaning and hard hitting!!
    Saras said...
    I am glad you liked it
    You are a veteran at Acrostics Amity, Comeon.
    Come on Leo, you are being modest. You can do very well if you tried. I have made my comments form "Pop Up" as suggested by you.
    I liked your Blog. Yes, I try and give a message through my posts, Acrostics always
    Second Partha! You have come earlier once. Thanks and do make it a habit.I love your short stories
    Honestly I shudder to think how 2020 is going to be, environment-wise
    I have voiced my fear,anxiety and concern about this serious issue.
    Amias said...
    Wow! I don't think anyone could have said it better. There is hope, but in these days and times, it's hard to see how we can stop it. I think voicing our concerns is a very good first step. Bravo!
    Yamini Meduri said...
    Perfect..and to the point..!!

    Great write up about the worst part of our life..!!!

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