Saturday, 28 November 2009

My wife wanted to buy a Washing Machine, during the summer since our children were expected from the states, along with their kids for vacation. As usual, I was given the task of searching for the most economical, efficient and durable machine in the market. I set out looking for the machine in the Internet, carefully sifting the mass of information dumped on me, and shortlisted five items, which were very High Tech and Latest models with funny sounding names.”One Touch – Fuzzy Logic ……..Etc”
Feeling thrilled with my work, I proudly presented my product to my wife for her perusal. She looked at it for a minute and I was not very happy seeing the expression on her face. She looked at me and said,” there is lot of mumbo jumbo here than useful information for selecting a good washing machine”. I hastily assured her that the items were of latest technology and hence the high-tech words used to describe them. Half-heartedly she agreed to have a look at 3 of the items in the neighborhood Super Market.
On reaching the shop, the sales person came running to me and enquired what I would like to see. I was happy that I was the one chosen by him to explain the details about the Machines exhibited there. I asked him for the “One touch – Automatic with Fuzzy Logic” which I had selected from the Internet. He responded with, “Excellent selection, Sir you have chosen the best Model which has the latest Technology in-built.” “The entire process of your washing will be converted into a pleasurable experience without any need for supervision, while the machine performs perfectly producing the cleanest possible wash for the clothes.” I was very impressed and looked at my wife (Read, My selection and it is excellent!). She was intently looking at the Front Panel of the Washing Machine and something told me that whatever she was thinking wasn’t complimentary. She called the assistant and asked him, “If one touch was all that was required what these 4 buttons are doing on the Panel?”. The sales assistant jumped as if he was hit by a bolt of lightening. I knew instantly that she had pulled the right chord while I was swallowing all the mumbo jumbo dished out to me.After checking some pamphlets the assistant mumbled to her about the need for some basic input to the machine like type of clothes, cold or Hot wash etc and tried to convince her that they were necessary even for an “Automatic Washing Machine”
Not convinced, my wife turned away and started looking at other models. Needles to say, after an hour or so she had chosen the most durable, economical and sturdy looking “Manual Machine” for half the price of the Automatic Version shown earlier and obtained an additional 1 Percent cash discount by paying in Cash.
As we were walking out she asked me, “Ram, What you always say about Computers, GIGOLO or something like that…”. I hastily corrected her that it was not GIGOLO but just GIGO.


  1. Anonymous said...
    you are like my hubby!!1

    unfortunately he won't let me buy even if it is a better choice...
    stuwieben said...
    Enjoyed reading that story and it reminded me of a good lesson about how adverts can sometimes be misleading with their product claims
    Shobana said...
    Very Humorous.Wives are smarter!!
    The Purple said...
    thanks for spending time to write a story on humor.

    you are valued.


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