Monday, 16 November 2009

Dashing Man

Dominating look as ever
Right choice of wear
Easy on the eye
Soft on the tie
Strong sense of attire
Every inch a debonair
Do it always right

Try and act straight
On feet Black Shoes

Kiwi, polish, you choose
It's kinda strange world
Lesser dressed better made
Love all please smile
For Acrostic Only


  1. Angshu said...
    Hey, nice blog u hav. specially liked the awesome Acronyms :P
    Followed as well.
    U can connect wid me @ my blog ( and share wid friends if u like. :D
    Take care,
    Amias said...
    I like this. You have a flair for this style, and you keep it short and sweet.

    You need to put a space between the word. Dress To Kill is three words and you got them running together.
    Amias said...
    Darn it .. I meant, "Dressed To Kill" ...
    Saraswathan said...
    Indeed! "Dressed to Kill" by Charm.

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