Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Child Prodigy

Of late we have been seeing some fantastic performances by child artistes in various realty shows and music shows, which makes us wonder whether there is some link to previous birth’s talent to produce such outstanding quality and skill at an young age. In a recent Sa Re Ga Ma Pa L’il Champs 2009 contest I saw a very young kid perform and it really stunned me! Yes, I am talking about Hemant Brijwasi who sang the usual R D Burman cabaret number first (Better than RD himself as Asha Ji confessed) produced an out of the world Folk number, which he prepared especially for singing before Asha Ji. Watch the period 3.20 to 4.20 in the time scale and I assure you that you will have the most exhilarating experience of your life! Also dont miss to see the video "sanware" where Hemant sings as well as the Original Singer.


  1. Sara said...
    Wow, they have a lot of talent!
    Thank you for visiting The Mommy Experience,
    Have a great day
    kala said...
    Hi Super fantastic performance by Hemant.
    he is defenetly a child prodigy.
    God bless him.
    Thanks to saraswathan for sharing this video with all of us.
    Anonymous said...
    OMG! The Kid rocks Man! Really he is awesome and a Prodigy.

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