Saturday, 7 November 2009

An ODE to a Master

Pic courtesy Niyantha's Blog
Men may come, men may go, this one is for ever
who else but the little one we call Tendulkar
He blossomed in the scene when things were dull
My God did he start weaving his Magic Spell
With the willow he spoke many a tales
Be it Roberts, Warne, Hadlee or Gayle
Records he broke with such gay abandon
With tons that came from his bat at random
He seemed to age younger by the turn of time
For every year he set a target that none could mime
As Long as the game gets played in this world
The Legend's name shall remain in letters of GOLD
In Tendulkar we see a Player, Gentleman, Achiever of sorts
Which I am sure, the youth of our Land would try to be a part


  1. Dhiman said...
    A very apt tribute to the 'Master Blaster' ... Very nice... "Which I am sure, the youth of our Land would try to be a part" Amen !
    Amias said...
    Now I remember. Thank you for this link.

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