Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Betrayal - Short Story

Brenda waited for Robert at the Airport with pulsating heart.

Earlier in the day they had decided to run away from their home to Sanfrancisco

To begin their lovely life together

Robert had gone to bring the cash by selling the jewels Brenda had brought.

After every minute Brenda kept looking at her wristwatch

Yet, it is the time that passed and she had a Flight to catch.

After 5 or 6 hours it dawned on her, the extent of betrayal

Love has cast on her.
For Acrostic Only


  1. Amias said...
    Saras I am glad you gave this one a try, but you didn't quite follow the prompt. The letter should begin each paragraph, not sentence.

    There should be eight complete paragraphs here, even if the paragraph has only one complete sentence.

    Still this was a good read, real short, but it came directly to the point. You most certainly have a talent for writing.
    Dhiman said...
    Too good !!! Acrostic is a new & interesting concept but I think I am not yet aptly skilled to try it :D
    Maggie said...
    So, he took the jewels and ran...a sure betrayal.

    I agree with Amias that it would be better to put a bit more of a story in each letter of BETRAYAL. You kissed this one too hard:)
    Amity Me said...
    I read it and I am so sure you didn't follow Amias instructions, however, this is one good short rendition of the prompt!

    You betrayed Amias' rules! Peace Saras! Just kidding!

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