Friday, 30 October 2009

Crappy Soaps on TV

It is true that the Soaps aired on TV are fictions. Still there must be a limit for portraying the villainous charatcters in a macabre way. Oflate in Tamil TV the serial programmes aired contain so much violence, brutal killings and show scant respect for the Police Force by blatantly displaying acts of bribery and being in cahoots with criminals. At times the criminal ideas enacted are so original that I shudder to think what will happen if the criminals start using them in real life. This is because the serials show their characters doing these things with such impunity and also getting away with it. There should be stricter norms for permitting violence in TV's as this is a very Powerful Visual Media which makes a strong impact on the viewers, especially the younger audience in their formative years. Through this Blog I am appealing to all the illustrious TV Serial producers to PLEASE have a re-look at their unreleased episodes and do a litle moderation required, keeping in mind their own kids. Our small screen as well as Big Screen producers are so Talented and Brilliant film makers that I am sure they can dish out better product than these sickening, macabre and un wanted filth into our drawing rooms. Iam not saying this happens only in Tamil TV and may well be the scenerio in others as well. I am pointing out because I want to rectify my house before attempting to reform the world. I request the concerned to take this as an appeal for some consideration rather than an accusation or criticism.

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    i have been only watching cnn for longest time..

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