Wednesday, 21 October 2009

My Dad

Tender and small was I, holding his hand
Groping wildly for his smiling face
Spoke my first word unlike the rest
yes, it was ppa...and not
It sent him spinning with delight
Boasting that I was Papa's girl
Times when I tried to turn on my belly
Felt his hands cover my face, lest I hurt
Cry I did when I felt hungry but
Moist would get his eyes with tears
Tripping and falling I learnt to walk
With him along attending to the shock
Nothing but the best would he choose for me
Because I am his most precious find
Day or night it never really mattered
He just got me whatever  I wanted
Yes,  I chose my Prince Charming out of blue
Summoned my dad and told him  to do
Anything he wants but get me the dude
More often than not, I wonder what is it
That bonds him ever so much with me
I have no answer but this much I can say
I would always want him as my Dad , I Pray


  1. kala said...
    awesome poem,
    ssssssssssssssss i can relate it to my Dad too
    Rachna Parmar said...
    I am closer to my dad too. Loved the sentiments expressed. Thank you for dropping by my blog and for your encouraging words.
    Savings for You said...
    Very nice reflection about your dad!

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