Saturday, 25 September 2010

Perhaps as the Mahatma, who transformed the world
Fighting a lone battle without a shred of violence
Perhaps as Mother Theresa whose kindness cured
A million suffering hearts sans invasive surgery
Perhaps as Swami Vivekananda whose sheer brilliance
Stole a million hearts despite the untimely early demise
Perhaps as the  great mathematician Ramanujam
Whose exploits stunned the world at such an young age
Perhaps as  myself for the opportunity to avoid the mistakes
I committed in this birth and be a better Human Being
Which could perhaps make me raise up to the level
Of those illustrious examples albeit by a tiny percentage


  1. S.R.Ayyangar said...
    May your wish come true.
    umamaheswari anandane said...
    Very Nice!..I too like to be born as myself expect that I dont repeat the mistakes I did now ;)
    Subramanyam K.V. said...
    nice post sir.... your style of writing is so good

    i just wish i could write like you
    Pratibha The Talent said...
    Sir you are the best in your own ways and you have a unique writing style.We must thank god for whatever we are and that is the way we can go further to improve ourselves.
    Shruti said...
    Beautifully written indeed! :)
    Even i want to be a mix of so many personalities, if not in this birth then probably in the next birth. Only if wishes were..! :)
    sowmya said...
    very nice stuff...

    different thought! but true wish...

    keep writing & smiling always :)
    Durga Srinivasan said...
    Very well said!

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