Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Indistream Glitches Part - 2

Further to my earlier post on the problem of tweets not appearing in the #inditweetmeet window due to low speed of internet connection, twitter has also confirmed that it could also be due to their own resource constraints. Still our tweets will appear in our account timelines as well as the recipient account timelines though not visible under the #Tag group only. Given below is the transcript of my interaction on this subject:

Are some of your Tweets in search?
First, please check to see if any of your Tweets are in search.

Go to Twitter Search and type "from:username" into the search box, but replace 'username' with your username. For example, here's how @ginger searched for her Tweets:

If some of your Tweets are showing up here, then your account is in Twitter search! Yay!

Still missing a few tweets? Due to resource constraints, not every tweet can be indexed in Twitter Search. Our engineers are always working to index more updates, but we can't force individual, missing Tweets into search. Rest assured that your followers will still see all your updates and @replies, and we'll update on this page as we improve this issue.


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