Sunday, 19 September 2010

What If.......?

What if I can't Blog anymore...!

I shudder to think.. God Forbid, what If I can't Blog anymore. The source of immense happiness, intellectually stimulating and keeping my grey cells from getting into dementia, Blogging has been a boon to me. It would cast a penumbra of despair over my life if I could not continue blogging. It has been a Mirror reflecting my thoughts and views and a medium through which I could paint my world the way I want it to be. It was my transport to travel to those far regions of my mind and an Elixir to all my worldly ills. It is my stage where I enact my stories and plays and it is my privileged club where I can meet my favourite authors like Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Tennyson or Peter F Drucker at will and savor their priceless creations. It is not possible. I shall go on for ever nonstop.

For Sneha's What If....? - Indistream


  1. Schizophrenic said...
    The way you have carved your fears into words have painted the picture for me and I pray from my heart that it would never ever happen!!
    Saras said...
    Thanks for your kind words. Relax,it is an imaginary post in response to an imaginary question in lighter vein!!
    Vijay said...
    Good One. I really admire this spirit of writing in you. Have been your fan ever since we met in the first indibloggers meet in Bangalore!

    Keep it up!

    Saras said...
    The admiration is mutual!! Thank you for your kind words, dear. I hope we will be meeting on 3rd October at Bangalore meet!!

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