Friday, 12 February 2010


Take on a challenge
Obstacles will fade away
Gain your self confidence
Ensure the resultant success
Tactfully form a team
Hardships are no worry
Evolve a Joint strategy
Resist temptation to fight

Wanton acts of violence
End in tragic tale

Sustained effort at solidarity
Triumphs against any opposition
Aiming at success always
Needs well balanced group
Demonstrating collective wisdom

For Acrosticonly


  1. Nalini Hebbar said...
    unity and brotherhood...India needs these to fight divisive forces that at rear their heads
    chitra said...
    Wow, excellent.
    chitra said...
    Good creative work.
    Tulika said...
    Mads... said...
    very beautifully written wid nicely chosen words giving a lovely message...yes 'unity is strength'..!!!
    Amias said...
    Well said Saras! You hit the nail on the head .. we have to be taught how not to be divided, but reminding ourselves how to stand together!

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