Sunday, 7 February 2010


Perished on a pyre
Had the strong will
Overwhelming the natural elements
Evolved itself once again
Never accepting the defeat
Immortalized in the history
Xenolithic to be re-born

For Acrosticonly


  1. Tulika said...
    Adroit truly !!

    This one's just too good.!!
    Amias said...
    I have run our of adjectives to describe your wonderful acrostics ... I love the use of the words, "pyre" and "xenolithic", enjoyed the path you took with the phoenix metaphor of these elements.
    Saras said...
    Thank you dear!
    Its your love for Acrostic Poetry and a very kind heart which made you say such nice words of appreciation, I feel honoured.
    vidya said...
    wow! You polished this acro beautifully with your words.
    Miss Sunshine said...
    very powerful :)

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