Tuesday, 23 February 2010


We are all aware how one feels prior to an Interview, say for a job or a promotion etc., The stress and tension about a possible failure in the interview affects one’s performance at the interview. Hence it is absolutely essential to keep your mind cool and free of tension. Well it is easily said than done. Here are some tips to ensure that you donot get worked up and remain cool to give your Interview.

Beware of these Questions
  • Tell us something about yourself
  • What are your strengths and Weaknesses
  • Why do you consider yourself suitable for this job

1. By asking you to tell about yourself the Interviewer is looking for clues on your upbringing, ambitions, passion, leadership qualities, team playing etc. Do not talk about your high scores or academic achievements only because he has all the information he needs from your certificates already. Talk about your sincerity, favourite subject and what you would like to be, your activities in various forums during college and the roles you played in organizing the activities, projects/assignments which you completed successfully well ahead of time etc.

2. While he will be happy to hear about your strengths he will be looking more anxiously to hear about your weaknesses. While your identification of the weakness indicates your ability for introspection, a good quality, your further elucidation as to how you ensured that it did not affect your performance is what he is really interested in. Hence do explain how you got over the weakness .

3. He expects you to have clear knowledge about the job you have applied for, what it entails and how you are a perfect match for it. Hence do make a research to know the requirements of the job and make a note of how your qualification and skill set are a perfect match for the same, prior to the Interview.

Do not interrupt when the Interviewer is speaking to you. By listening to him fully you may gain valuable information about the job, organization etc which you can ill afford to ignore. Should you have some small deficiency in qualification, which you intend to acquire soon, be honest in admitting it and assure how you propose to acquire the same. This would build trust.

Never ever go late for your Interview. Get the details of topography, a day earlier if need be, and be there on time. No one likes a late comer however brilliant he may be.

While you should answer all the questions confidently, do not be flippant. If you do not understand the question please ask him to repeat respectfully and do not be shy to say you do not know when you cannot answer. It is better than exposing your ignorance by attempting a guess.

Please go neatly dressed! I am not saying that you should always wear a three piece suit. At least make sure you do not look clumsy with a crumpled shirt or pant.

Last but not least do spend some time in revising your academic information to recollect the important things relating to the job in question and a couple of very good references who would vouch for your knowledge, experience and integrity.

All the best and take your shot!


  1. Mohan said...
    It has been ages since I gave my last interview. I am sure all you tips here will go a long way to succeed throughout the career. Thanks for clear and crisp explanation on each of the point! Look forward to see more such informative articles that helps young fellows like me :)
    chitra said...
    I liked your post. This is exactly what my work is all about, I also guide students by giving employment enhancing skill training. Many are not even aware how to present themselves during an interview. Hope your post would help a lot of aspirants.
    Milana said...
    Thanks for the tips. It's been 4 years since I gave my last interview in college for placements. This sure does help. Looking forward to more such posts.
    S.R.Ayyangar said...
    Can I use this article for my email magazine on awareness 'MASTER' duly acknowledging your blog?
    The magazine can be read on website www.srimission.org
    shraddha said...
    great article!!

    i found the silence on my blog deafening so i started commenting again..:)

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