Monday, 16 August 2010

Struggle - Haiku

  our hard struggle
Achieve our ambitions
 Beware not to cheat

For Haiku Heights


  1. Creativity!! said...
    Very Much True :) :) Beautiful Haiku.
    Shrikrishna Meena said...
    Truely said sir, "Beware not to cheat".
    Amity said...
    good attempt Saras!:)
    Amity said...
    very good attempt Saras!:)
    The Write Girl said...
    Truer words could not be spoken...there is a fine line between success and cheating. Nicely written here.
    Jingle said...
    very sense making,
    well done!
    Jingle said...

    three awards for you.
    help us visit 4 friends who have been celebrating birthdays ..

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