Monday, 30 August 2010


Mohan was a topper in Medicine and bagged the Gold Medal for his academic achievement. Coming from a poor family, Mohan had to struggle for basic amenities. He never allowed his poverty to come in the way of his achievements.

Overjoyed by his academic pursuits the University offered him a Honorary Chair for Medicine and provided him with the much needed facility for doing his research. Mohan, true to his form, was quick to embark on his projects and made rapid progress.

During one of his routine visits to the University hospital Mohan  was introduced to a person suffering from cancer. He was a very rich Sheik from neighboring country who had come for his treatment to the University Hospital.

Encouraged by the results of his research Mohan began to use the findings in treating the live cases of Cancer at the Hospital. He chose the Sheik for his personal study as his case was the most complicated. As the treatment progressed the Sheik began to show quick improvements.

Soon the lab results performed on him began to show rapid deterioration of cancerous cells and his immunity against infection  improved and  Mohan knew that his efforts have succeeded.

Taking a cue from this success story several cases of such Terminal Cancer were referred to Mohan and he began to save these people from this erstwhile deadly disease. Meanwhile, the Sheik was discharged from the Hospital and offered a personal reward of $100,000 to Mohan as a Gift.

Yearning for a cure to this deadly disease and finding the solution had such an indelible impact on Mohan that he totally dedicated his life for the treatment of such terminal cases at the University. He requested the Sheik to donate his reward to The Hospital instead so that it could alleviate the hardship of patients who could not afford the treatment. Overwhelmed by Mohan's modesty, the Sheik donated an entirely new building complex for the treatment of poor patients at the hospital


  1. lakshmi said...
    that is really thoughtful and really a beautiful acrostic
    Saras said...
    Selfless acts of love and affection go a long way in alleviating the sufferings of Humanity.
    Nalini Hebbar said...
    great story!...IS IT TRUE?
    chitra said...
    Excellent one. Good theme too.
    Saras said...
    I wish it is true!

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