Tuesday, 31 August 2010


Silent prayer reverberating in mind
Thoughts of near and dear at heart
Intrigued by the mystery of HIS blessings
Longing for the eternal moment of bliss
Life is  a journey  never stands still

For Acrostic Only


  1. Amias said...
    Wonderful Sara. "always" and "it" was not necessary, still this acrostic speaks volumes ...

    "Life is a journey, never stands still"
    umamaheswari anandane said...
    A prayer told in a poetic way.Nice
    umamaheswari anandane said...
    A prayer in a poetic way.Life goes on and on :)
    Yellow Tulip said...
    Anonymous said...
    A great Acrostic. The last line is something to reflect on and appreciate. So true!

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