Friday, 4 June 2010


Inimitable part of Anatomy
Regulates entry of Light
Invaluable gift of God
Stays immortal when donated

For Acrosticonly


  1. shraddha said...
    very nice one Saras Ji!
    Amias said...
    This was indeed a trick word for an acrostic, but well chosen in it's contrast meaning. You did it justice Saras, and I am not surprise, but it's still refreshing to read!
    rdl said...
    interesting take, even tho i work with eyes, i never even thought of this. well done!
    The Write Girl said...
    This is a beautiful acrostic. I especially love the last line. Nicely written.
    nandini said...
    I loved the last line of this too... a totally different take
    Amity said...
    I am glad your back at acrostics only Saras...:)

    Beautiful one you've penned here, trying to make the IRIS immortal!

    I am on break at AO!

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