Thursday, 17 June 2010

Airtel Super Singer Junior2

There are so many realty and entertainment shows nowadays that we have a surfeit of music.Airtel Super Singer Junior2, however, was like a cool gentle breeze on a warm summer day! While the early  episodes were just ok it slowly started picking up tempo and got to an electrifying climax that transfixed the viewers rivetted to the small screen. The sheer range and capabilities shown by the young singers were so good that viewers began to watch them with admiration. Yesterday's (17-06-10) fitting Finale was the icing on the cake! The results were so good that everyone felt happy and satisfied with the choices. Vijay TV deserves a compliment for their generous gesture in giving so many runners up awards for the other deserving kids who were so close in standard to the winners. Well done Vijay TV. To view the clips of Grand Finale, clik this:


  1. chitra said...
    I have seen only few episodes of this prog. The way you have written I think I have missed a beautiful programme.
    Saras said...
    Yes Chitra, especially Alka Ajith was awesome really. She is sure to blossom into a powerful play-back singer.
    Creativity!! said...
    These Shows Really Encourages Young Singers. Good Post :) :)
    BHASKARAN said...
    Yes Alka's selection of song for the final and the way she sung was simply fantastic, she deserves the first prize. It was a great show, hats off to Vijay TV

    Saras said...
    Yes, in fact I felt she was a shade better than the original singer!This girl was awesome.
    Shri Krishna said...
    Well, I rarely watch tv shows, but your post made me realizing that, I've missed an great show...
    BHASKARAN said...
    Not really you might have missed the live show, but you can see this site and enjoy

    Better late than never. All the best
    knot2share said...
    I did not watch the entire season but was totally glued to this during my visit to India. The kids were awesome. I still listen to them on you tube. I am sure the kids have grown up now though..

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