Wednesday, 2 December 2009



Writhing in Hold
Resisting to Yield
Exquisite to Watch
Slippery to Catch
Try and Outsmart
Lie Low to Start
Intriguing as it Lasts
Never say Aye to Surrender
Great to win every Bout
For Acrosticonly


  1. Amias said...
    Very good Saras! But it's scary too. So easy to get hurt.
    Missy said...
    That looks painful LOL. Yet so many enjoy this sport.
    Amity Me said...
    am no wrestling fanatic Saras and when i chance upon a channel playing wrestling, i would always say that it was scripted to spare me the feeling of being as if hurt by their bouts!
    Anonymous said...
    hehe :D

    wwe denoted here a bit i think! :)
    stardust said...
    well said !!
    good one :)
    Maggie said...
    Saras, I enjoyed this read and wondered how it might read if you left out the "Aye t"

    and just said:

    "Never say surrender"

    This is only a suggestion and I enjoyed what you wrote so well that I felt I was watching a wrestling match.


    Why the Caps on your End Words?
    Amias said...
    Acrostic Only congratulates you! Your acrostic won <a href="'>“Best Acrostic Poetry Award”</a>, and you are most deserving.
    Saras said...
    The Last word also tells about the prompt, if you read carefully, so it appears with a Cap! Thanks for your kind words.

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