Wednesday, 2 December 2009


Better Do not act Smart
Advice often is most unwelcome
Criticise only if you must
Know your own weakness first

Simple are the words spoken
Everlasting are their impact often
Attrition is what it creates
Try, Change before it Aches

Dearest are those with Love
Ready to Die for you
Incessant uncalled advice made
Very rude which please forbid
End chatter stay intact
Rest and let others Act
For Acrosticonly


  1. Amias said...
    I don't care for bck seat drivers, and I have put a couple out of my car. I told them to get a car! I enjoyed this, so true.
    Missy said...
    Doesn't that mean side seat drivers as well??? :)
    Amity Me said...
    back seat drivers seems really are nuisance...:)

    good, got no car yet and i can't so much relate to it!
    Anonymous said...
    this was a good attempt sir..
    i dont care for back seat drivers either..

    just to point out, you seem to have missed the E in Driver, do correct it if u can.
    it'd make this acrostic complete and better...
    Saraswathan said...
    Thanks for pointing out the Slip! I have corrected the entry.

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