Saturday, 14 January 2012

Sachin!! - Take it Easy

There is no doubt in anyone's mind about who is the greatest Batsman in the world, both in One Day Format as well as a Test Match. Sachin has sculpted his name in the Altar of Indian Cricket. Well having said that, it is time to think whether the Legend should push himself so hard for achieving that one milestone, Hundredth Ton, with his failing form time and again. He is human and this milestone is no big deal when compared to the innumerable tons hs has scored against all the cricketing countries in the world. As an ardent fan of his, I really feel bad to see him struggle to achieve this. Perhaps he would have done it very easily if we hadn't kept the count of his hundreds and the 'Magic Number' was not pressurising him! He should gracefully retire with his guns blazing and we remember him as the Master Blaster. Like the Great Gavaskar once said, you should leave when people ask "Why?" rather than when they begin to say, "Why Not?". Again this is not a criticism on Sachin's Capabilities as a Great Batsman but only a sincere appeal from an ardent fan who wants to remember him as the "Master Blaster" who sent the best of the bowlers to the fence with his Magic Willow. Wish him all the luck for achieving this elusive hundred.


  1. DeEpAK KaRtHiK (420) said...
    Sachin is a scapegoat for media.. when they have no great news, they will project 100th 100 as a doomsaday prediction !
    Remember records are set to break..
    Sachin is as you said, immortal legendDeepaK
    Vishal Kataria said...
    There's never been a player like Sachin. He will make his 100th 100 soon.

    I don't give a damn to what critics, the herd or any tom-dick-harry people say...

    As Deepak said, Sachin is IMMORTAL!
    Sujatha Sathya said...
    you are an ardent fan alright. the post shows your love for him in every word.

    love that line by Gavaskar - leave when people ask why - well said
    Dr.Purushothaman said...
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