Thursday, 7 October 2010


I got so tense with the delay in October Indirank update that I pondered what makes me get excited about this! The result was this Acrostic, I am sure you will agree.
An ODE to Indirank


  1. Mohan said...
    Nagging? Addy would love that again and again :D
    Creativity!! said...
    Saras said...
    I know! :-)
    Thank you.
    Raj said...
    Nice creative Sirjeee...
    Shri Krishna said...
    Well, I want to open my dictionary for Few Words, But whatever be case It Will benefit me....
    Thanks Saras ji!!!
    Nandan Narula said...
    Very apt Sir
    Nandan Narula said...
    Very apt Sir
    Tulika said...
    Kickassss !
    Vee... said...
    Kickass for sure! Nice one :D
    pallavi said...
    Very nice tribute to Indi :-) But why 'reticent'?
    Btw, Saras, if you like my post, please vote for it at Indiblogger
    Saras said...
    Reticent because it is very restrained in its expression, doesn't disclose much about its algorithm etc!! lol.
    Thank you. I am glad you like it.
    The cost of enterprise mobility solutions said...
    No one can think like this expcept you..
    umapoems said...
    Indirank should have made u awake all night.well written! :)
    Lakshmi Rajan said...
    Its No Doubt Interesting Read And New Kind of ode.

    P.s > I have two entries for Indiblogger Docomo contest, do read it and promote them :)
    Md. Muddassir Shah said...
    Nagging, yes.
    I agree with you Saras :)
    And it was a queit IndiRank update this time.
    I didnt even get a mail :):)
    Anonymous said...
    Oh, now I understand.... I guess reticence is important though, as it keeps the mystery and excitement alive :-)

    Btw, Saras, thank you so much for your vote on Indiblogger. Really appreciate it :-) thanks!

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