Friday, 2 January 2009


Are you aware that your Childhood experiences have substantial impact on your future life? A happy, loving and contented childhood often results in well educated, firmly established career and a Happy Family. It is often the Love and Care that you received as a Child that forms your nature as a caring individual. A childhood with Trauma and a lot of difficulties would result in a disturbed and confused Individual who is always tensed. Do we get a message from this! Yes, we can shape the future of our beloved children by giving them lot of Love and Affection and teach them about values, manners and discipline during their formative years. Most Important, we conduct ourselves in a fitting manner in front of them because they invariably try and emulate us.


  1. Shobana said...
    Very good post. It is absolutely true that children do try and emulate their elders and it is very essential that we set an example by our behaviour.
    K. Sundara Raman said...
    Quite true.
    Parental role beautifully broughtforth.

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