Saturday, 13 April 2013

To say MS Dhoni is a very resourceful player to have in your team is like "Carrying Coal to Newcastle". Nine out of Ten times he succeeds in pulling his Team out of trouble. (You need Rajni to do better). Having said this, let us look at what happened in the match between RCB and CSK on 13th April 2013. RCB had virtually eclipsed CSK with an Iron like grip and were coasting towards their victory when MS Dhoni joined the Act. As per the New Saying, "When the going gets tough, Dhoni gets Going". Having already taken 3 catches and 1 stumping out of 6 Wickets that fell in RCB innings Dhoni was thirsting for a well deserved win. He puts on 49 Runs in 4.5 overs with Jadeja and that leaves CSK with 29 runs to get off 2 overs. Any ordinary fan of cricket would have expected CSK to lose as this was a tall order for the "not so well recognized batsmen" at the crease. No, not in case of Dhoni inspired team mates. Jadeja takes the challenge with both the arms and starts smacking whatever is hurled at him. The target reduces to 2 of the very last ball and the crowd is perspiring  with bated breath. Normally any bowler will be doubly cautious during the death overs because any error could make you lose the Game. Last of all bowl a "No Ball" which is unpardonable. Not when Dhoni's Magic Spell is working. The incredible thing happens and RP Singh gifts the match on a plate to CSK!! Now isn't He the Almighty!

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